Sennheiser’s latest addition to the Bluetooth headset pool

James Allan Brady - Jan 18, 2008

Obviously if it’s coming from Sennheiser, the output audio is going to be amazing, but how is the input? With dual microphones configured in a way that should allow the headset to reduce or completely remove background noise, it should be pretty good.

The headset does look rather bulky, but it actually only weighs about 15 grams, which isn’t bad for a good Bluetooth headset. There is a ball joint in the clip of the headset that makes it possible to switch which side the headset is worn on and its fairly flexible making it easy to put on.

The talk time is about 5 hours, I’ve seen better, but 5 hours isn’t bad, its about average, and it comes with a USB wall charger and it comes in titanium for the standard version, there is a Business Travel version that adds a designer carrying case and a car charger as well, and that would be the black model. Those two are available now for $129.95 and $159.95 respectively.

Sennheiser Dual-Microphone VMX 100 Bluetooth Headset [via mobileburn]

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