Sennheiser Presence Mobile Series line of business headsets unveiled

Sennheiser has taken the wraps off its new Presence Mobile Series line of business headsets, aiming them towards those who use the device in a variety of situations: indoors, outdoors, and in the car. The series utilizes both WindSafe and SpeakFocus technologies, and offers HD audio quality, with a release date of August 1.

Specifically, Sennheiser says that the Presence Mobile series has been created for Unified Communications users, with the headset offering a USB dongle that will allow it to work with a computer when needed. The device offers a talk time charge of up to 10 hours, and can be used in a range up to 25 meters in conjunction with the dongle.

The design itself is meant to be discrete, with a boom microphone arm made of aluminum and the headset itself being slim. Technologies used include ActiveGuard, which is designed to keep one's ear from being blasted in the event of "hazardous noises." The series is also optimized for use with Microsoft Lync, and is plug-and-play when used with a computer.

The WindSafe technology, as the name suggests, works to reduce the effects of wind – such as what might result from talking in a car – by utilizing one of three on-board microphones. The audio is then processed to reduce the wind noise and amplify the user. The SpeakFocus technology, meanwhile, filters intrusive ambient noise.

Said Sennheiser's President Andreas Bach, "With the evolution of the modern enterprise towards more flexible, agile working practices that allow people to work remotely and across multiple locations, there is a need for a high-quality headset solution that can meet these demands. PRESENCE™ Mobile Series incorporates Sennheiser's latest innovations – the SpeakFocus™ and WindSafe™ technologies – providing users with outstanding sound quality and performance they will appreciate wherever they are."

SOURCE: PRNewswire