Sennheiser PRESENCE headsets offer HD audio in tough environments

Sennheiser has a new line of Bluetooth headsets, and they're designed to offer high definition audio even in tough environments — windy days spent outdoors, for example, which render many headsets useless. Among other things, the new Sennheiser headphones feature enhanced noise filtering, as well as a wider range of styles to suit various wearer needs and comfort levels. Sennheiser's SpeakFocus, ActiveGard, and WindSafe technologies are all present.

A big problem with Bluetooth headsets, particularly the smaller varieties, is wind noise that makes it difficult for the person on the other line to hear what you're saying. Sennheiser addresses this issue with its Own-Voice-Detector, a technology that monitors the audio and picks up the wearer's voice. If it does recognize that person's voice, adjustments are made to ensure that speaker is transmitted optimally while other background noises are decreased.

The background noises are diminished even if the wearer isn't talking, though, with that process being described as both automatic and gradual. Examples of the kind of distracting ambient sounds that are addressed include typing on keyboards, papers rustling, and other things. Readjustments when the speaker starts talking are said to happen instantly.

There's also ActiveGard, which is designed to make sure the wearer isn't assaulted with sudden spikes in audio — so-called acoustic shocks that can be startling. The headset can be used for more than eight hours on a charge, has a 25 meter range when used with a dongle, and can be used in various wearing styles — with the headband, over the ear, or in the ear.