Sennheiser is surprising some HD 25 buyers with limited edition model

Sennheiser is celebrating its 75th anniversary by discounting its iconic HD 25 headphones and surprising some buyers with a special limited edition version of the model. Buyers will know if they've received the special edition because of the retro box it ships in; among other things, the limited version of the HD 25 features bright yellow earpads styled after the HD 414.

The Sennheiser HD 25 headphones are iconic due to their popularity in industries ranging from DJing to broadcasting and beyond. Despite their popularity, they're not terribly expensive — their regular price is $149.95 USD. Sennheiser has announced that it is cutting this price temporarily in celebration of its milestone anniversary.

The HD 25 is currently priced at $99.95 USD through the company's dealers. The company says that it also has 25,000 Limited Edition versions of the HD 25 and that it will be surprising some buyers with this version of the headphones. The changes aren't astronomical — they sport a retro version of the Sennheiser logo and are shipped in a box featuring a retro sleeve design.

The most notable change is are the bright yellow earpads that are shipped with the special edition version of the headphones; Sennheiser says they're based on its similarly popular HD 414 headphones model. The special version also ships with black earpads for users who prefer the less flashy appearance.

In addition to the new announcement, Sennheiser has a somewhat unusual video demonstrating the HD 25's durability by putting them on various watermelons that are then blown up. It's unclear how long Sennheiser will keep these headphones priced at the lower rate.