Sennheiser IE 900 high-performance wired earbuds are made for audiophiles

Sennheiser is back with a new pair of wired earbuds designed for audiophiles seeking high-quality audio in a portable form factor. The newly unveiled Sennheiser IE 900 in-ear headphones sport the maker's X3R transducer with a triple-chamber absorber system and housings milled from an aluminum block. The design, Sennheiser says, makes 'even the subtlest nuances of sound audible.'

The X3R is, according to Sennheiser, a refined version of its 7mm Extra Wide Band transducer. The design is intended to deal with the masking effect, which refers to an acoustic phenomenon in which the listener will not be able to hear higher frequency sounds at a lower volume if lower frequency sounds are playing at a louder volume at the same time.

Sennheiser says its triple-chamber absorber works to address this issue by stripping energy from the masking resonances, squashing unwanted peaks to make the 'subtlest nuances' audible. Joining the X3R is the Fidelity Plus MMCX connector, giving users the option to use their favorite cable with the earbuds.

Sennheiser ships the IE 900 earbuds with balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm cables, as well as an unbalanced 3.5mm cable. These cords are para-aramid-reinforced and can, the company says, handle thousands of instances of bending. Users can expect a frequency range of 5Hz to 48kHz, minimized distortion, and adjustable ear hooks alongside memory foam and silicone ear tips for an ideal fit.

Sennheiser product manager Jermo Kohnke said:

No detail is too small when you're striving to set a new benchmark in portable audio fidelity. We designed every component of the IE 900 to work together to deliver extraordinary audio performance. Whether in long listening sessions at home or on the go, listeners will never have to compromise on their music experience.

The Sennheiser IE 900 wired earbuds will arrive next month for $1,299.95 USD.