Sennheiser Announces Bluetooth Headphones for Music and Calls

Are you in the market for some Bluetooth headphones that don't look impossibly ugly? It looks Sennheiser is, because they're offering up the MM 400 and MM 450 Bluetooth 2.1 travel headsets for their well-stocked Mobile Music line. These headphones are intended for the pure bliss of enjoying some music, but also for those phone calls we all know you get from time to time. Both the MM 400 and 450 come equipped with an invisible microphone. There's some extra features that Sennheiser throws in just for good measure, so go ahead and take a look.

Both headsets also come with the ability to lose the Bluetooth 2.1 functionality, as the bundled cables and adapters allow for the user to pug directly into their device for when it's not feasible to be wireless, like on flights, or even if you just want to save some battery. Controls like play, track selection, volume and power. Considering that the Sennheiser 400 and 450 are designed for travelers, the headsets can fold flat in their molded cases, and the headband is reinforced with some good old metal to prevent snapping.

The MM 450 Travel comes with Sennheiser's NoiseGard 2.0 background noise-cancelling technology. And, for those of us who hate taking off our headphones to talk to people, it also comes with a TalkThrough feature, which allows the user to listen to outside sounds without going through the hassle. Just a simple press of a button actives the external microphone, and subsequently mutes anything that may have been coming through the in-line speakers. Both sets can be charged through a standard USB port, and also with the included charger that comes in the box, with adapters for USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. And both sets are set to start shipping in September, but there isn't any word on pricing yet. We think we can safely assume though, that these won't be inexpensive, yeah? But, are they worth it?

[via iPodnn]