Senior Intel Executive Joins NComputing to Lead Global Business Development

NComputing today announced that Mark Beckford, a former Intel executive, has joined NComputing as Vice President of Global Business Development. Beckford brings with him 11 years of Intel experience, including bringing affordable computing to more than 40 countries. He was also the original architect and driver of the Intel "World Ahead" program.

Beckford first joined Intel back in 1996, as a marketing manager for worldwide server channels. Soon after, he was promoted to oversee global channel marketing, with the responsibility of significantly expanding Intel's emerging markets worldwide. Beckford is the latest executive to join NComputing, just months ago in September Will Poole joined NComputing as co-chairman. Mr. Poole was the corporate vice-president at Microsoft, as well as the co-leader of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Group. Just before Poole joined, Lindsay Petrillose came aboard NComputing as government affairs liaison. Before, she was a special assistant for international affairs at One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program and one of the first OLPC employees.

"A disruptive innovation is required to bridge the digital divide and bring computing to the next billion users," said Beckford, "NComputing is that disruptive innovation because it delivers the full functionality of a PC at a very small fraction of the cost." NComputing technology creates multiple virtual desktops on a single PC so that multiple users can share it as if they all had their own PC. In under two years, more than 25,000 organizations in 100 countries have managed to cut their computing costs by 70% and electricity consumption by 90%. NComputing access devices only use one watt of electricity, which is really good in comparison to the 110 watts a standard PC uses.