Send in the Drones

Christina Crouch - Nov 29, 2007

When your manpower is lacking it’s only plausible to turn to your laboratory to build something or another to do the work you’re incapable of handling. It’s simple (Mad Scientist) logic. So it’s easy to understand why the Miami police have come to this same conclusion.

Starting next year, FAA willing, the Miami police force will be using drones to patrol areas during SWAT team and tactical operations. The MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) is made by Honeywell and soar over 10,000 feet. These unmanned units, which the military has been using for sometime, will be controlled via a remote used only by licensed pilots.

Miami isn’t the only police force to get permission to use such an aircraft, the Houston police department has begun conducting tests as well. These machines won’t come cheap, they are said to cost anywhere from ‘several thousand dollars to more than a million’.

High Tech Drones Joining Miami Police Force [via WPLG Miami]

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