Senator drops patent reform bill amidst partisan discourse

Patent trolling is a big issue right now, with various entities dedicated to litigiously making companies pay. Legislation has been introduced with the aim of bringing reason to the issue at hand, but lawmakers may have given up on it altogether. Unable to reach an agreement on how to proceed, it seems a solution is not forthcoming.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said "Unfortunately, there has been no agreement on how to combat the scourge of patent trolls on our economy without burdening the companies and universities who rely on the patent system every day to protect their inventions". The Senator from Vermont notes it's deeply affecting his constituents, as well as others across the country, making it an important issue for all of us.

Citing a division in the aisle, Leahy said "I have said all along that we needed broad bipartisan support to get a bill through the Senate. Regrettably, competing companies on both sides of this issue refused to come to agreement on how to achieve that goal." Issues have led to decision makers not backing a single reform, instead dividing their attention amongst various fixes.

Leahy promises to bring the matter back to the agenda should cohesion rule the day, but hints it will need that before it's brought back to the conversation. Sadly, it seems as damaged as the patent system is, the reform is equally as muddled.

Source: Senator Patrick Leahy

Via: Reuters