Selfie sticks blamed for death caused by lightning

Selfie stick users beware. It isn't just Disney and museums who have vendettas against the contraption. It seems Mother Nature as well has taken issue with the monopods. Or at least the Brecon Beacons mountain range in Powys, Mid Wales has a beef with the stick. In two separate events around the same mountain, two men died after being struck by lightning. One of them was allegedly using a selfie stick at the time, giving rise to theories that this accessory could be an effective but lethal lightning rod.

No one is owing up to the crime and the selfie stick was unavailable for comment. The facts are quite straightforward though inconclusive. A sudden thunderstorm hit the area while several people were still in the middle of traversing the trails. Only four incidents of lightning striking people were reported. Sadly, two of them died. Sources indicate that one of the two was holding a selfie stick when tragedy struck, though authorities have not identified which one.

This is the first reported "death by lightning" involving a selfie stick, known by its more formal name of monopod. It couldn't have come at a worse time for proponents of the stick, when the accessories faces ban in many popular, and selfie-worthy, institutions. The most high profile and recent one was that of Disney, who initiated the new policy after several selfie-related incidents that could have caused grave accidents.

That said, it's almost unfair to blame this recent case on selfie sticks. After all, not all selfie sticks are made of electricity conducing metal. And common sense, or perhaps a fear of getting struck by lightning on top of elevated ground, dictates that taking a selfie should be your last concern during those situations.

Sadly, many selfie stick users and selfiests in general have demonstrated a propensity for defying common sense. But since we do not ban humans because of poor judgment, then selfie sticks it is!

SOURCE: Telegraph