Select iOS 9 beta users able to use AT&T WiFi calling

While the latest beta of iOS 9 was available to users starting last week, AT&T on Tuesday began rolling out support for the new WiFi calling feature. A number of AT&T subscribers across the US have reported they've been successful in activating and using WiFi calling within hours of the rollout. The feature, which will be limited to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus when the final version of iOS 9 is released this fall, lets users place a traditional phone call over a WiFi network instead of over their cellular network.

AT&T users can check to see if they can use the feature by going to the Phone section in Settings, and turning on the Wi-Fi Calling option. If it's available in their area, users will see a pop-up with information including a disclaimer, privacy rights, and billing terms. The final screen includes a message from AT&T suggesting that WiFi calling can used in areas with poor cellular coverage.

When users agree to all the terms, they are also required to enter their physical location. This is in relation to a warning screen that says it is better to make calls to 911/emergency services through cellular, as a user's location cannot be determined over WiFi calling. The address users enter is where emergency services will be dispatched to.

Following a brief wait period, the feature either becomes activated and ready to use. When WiFi calling was first introduced with iOS 8 last year, AT&T stated it had plans to support the feature. While this appears to be a limited test on their part, the carrier hasn't stated when it intends to fully rollout support for everyone.

VIA MacRumors