Sekisui Chemical Introduces Thin High-Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

Sekisui Chemical of Japan has taken the wraps off a new battery it has developed, a very thin lithium-ion offering described as being film-like and with a high capacity. The battery has been put through a variety of tests, and once brought to market could be used in a variety of different applications, among them being electric and hybrid cars and solar-powered homes.

In comparison to the company's other batteries, this latest development is said to have triple the capacity and better safety, and to have a production speed that is ten times faster than typical. This is accomplished by using a specific coating process rather than a typical vacuum infusion, with Sekisui using a high-performance "gel-type" electrolyte substance.

With this development, the company can produce batteries that are flexible and very thin, as well as long and able to cover large surfaces. The selling point, capacity aside, is its sheer adaptability — this new battery can be made to fit whatever size needed, and is very space-saving. Designers can implement the battery technology into more demanding designs than currently possible, offering more freedom all around.

The new development will be announced in the next couple of weeks in an event at Tokyo Big Sight, and was done in conjunction with support from a couple entities, including NEDO and a research organization that focuses on lithium-ion battery development. Aside from the adaptability of the battery, the technology is also being hailed as environmentally friendly.

VIA: Nikkei

SOURCE: Sekisui Chemical