Seismic Watch - Warns you of impending earthquakes

I live in Indiana, which for those that don't live here, we don't exactly get earthquakes. I remember getting a tremor once that barely even registered on the Richter Scale and people talked about it for months. However, those that live in areas like Japan have to worry about them quite often. In places like that, every few seconds can make a difference. That's why someone created this cool watch.

The Seismic Watch was developed by Citizen of Japan to give you a small warning of an impending quake so that you can alert others and get to someplace relatively safe. When a quake is detected by the Earthquake Early Warning system, it transmits a signal to the watch to alert you. It actually goes a step further, and sets the minute and second hands so that they give you a countdown to when the quake will hit. Now that's an awesome watch.

Don't get too excited, as they're still working on the technology. The watch isn't slated to hit stores until sometime in 2010, though the price is said to be somewhere around $170.

Citizen unveils earthquake warning concept watch [via coolestgadgets]