Seinfeld leaves Hulu soon and may take months to resurface

Seinfeld, one of the most popular sitcoms ever, will leave Hulu later this month for a new home at Netflix. However, it may not be a seamless transition from one service to another, with a new report claiming that it may take months before Seinfeld is once again available to stream. Until then, desperate fans may have to resort to cable or DVDs.

Hulu scored the rights to stream all nine seasons of Seinfeld back in 2015; the sitcom has been available on the platform since, but that will change on June 24 when the streaming deal will expire. As you'd expect given the show's massive popularity, it won't disappear from the streaming world — Netflix has already snagged it for its own platform.

Netflix scored the streaming rights back in September 2019, though as was reported at the time, the deal wasn't set to kick off until 2021 after the show's time on Hulu expired. Sources speaking to Vulture claim it'll be a few months before Seinfeld actually premieres on Netflix, however, leaving viewers without a streaming destination for the rest of summer.

Assuming the insiders are correct, fans won't be able to stream the show on Netflix until at least September, meaning there will be at least two months between the transition. The reason for this delay isn't clear at this time, however; it may be due to the deal Netflix penned with Sony Pictures Television or Netflix may simply have decided to hold off for a while.

It's possible Netflix may wait to launch the show on its platform so that it arrives after summer when many people are spending more time indoors and watching TV. A summer launch may not get as much attention — and given Seinfeld's enduring popularity, it would make sense for the company to make as big of a deal about its arrival as possible.