Seidio unveils Desktop Charging Cradle for HTC smartphones

If you have HTC smartphone lying on your desk or nightstand, and you want something a little classier to charge the smartphone with, check out Seidio's latest product. The company has a new HTC Desktop Charging Cradle that will work with the HTC Evo 4G LTE, One X, and One S. The product is shipping right now.

The Desktop Charging Cradle has a design that allows for synchronization and charging at the same time allowing users to keep their smartphones powered up at all times. Another bit of good news is that the charging cradle is designed specifically to work with smartphones that have the Seidio Active or Surface cases installed. Not having to remove the case to charge or sync your phone is a big deal.

The charging cradle docks smartphones horizontally, allowing users to watch movies, look at photos, or check out other multimedia. The cradle is black with a matte finish and soft touch coating. The coating helps keep the cradle clean and helps to resist fingerprints and dirt. The back of the charging cradle has a power LED. The rear LED helps keep the user informed while not glaring in the eyes. The docking station is shipping right now with the required cable for connecting to a computer for $29.95.