Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 case is waterproof and impact proof

Shane McGlaun - Jan 24, 2013
Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 case is waterproof and impact proof

If you’re one of the clumsy sorts that worries constantly you’re going to drop your iPhone 5 and kill it, you need to get the case on your smartphone right away. While some cases offer very minimal protection and leave the screen uncovered, people looking for the ultimate protection for their phone need a case that fully encloses everything. Accessory maker Seidio has announced that it is now shipping a new highly rugged and protective case for the iPhone 5 called the OBEX.

The OBEX case for the iPhone 5 and other smartphones is now shipping worldwide. If you’re wondering what OBEX actually means, the word is Latin for barrier. The case promises protection from drops, liquids, and dust. The case is capable of protecting your iPhone against water, snow, mud, and other liquids with an IP68 rating. That rating means that the case protects against complete submersion in water and dust.

The case uses two-stage protection to seal all critical points of entry against water and dust. The case uses anti-reflective glass that won’t interfere with the camera lens. The screen protector is made from acrylic glass and sits flush against the screen. Having the screen protector setting flush against the screen means it doesn’t leave behind watermark effects and the screen remains clear.

The case also passed military grade drop tests meeting MIL-STD-810G by surviving drops from four-feet at a variety of angles. The glass covering over the screen of the smartphone as a 4H rating and the case itself is made from a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. While the case offers lots of protection, it allows signals from Wi-Fi, cellular radios, and Bluetooth to pass freely through. The case retail for $79.95 with a combo package that includes a holster selling for $89.95. If you’re not an iPhone 5 user, the case is also available for the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S III.

[via Seidio]

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