Segway SE Personal Transporters bring off-road capability

Segway has been around for a long time and has been making some of the geekiest and coolest personal transportation devices around. The electric transports that Segway makes are controlled by leaning and are used by police, commuters, and businesses around the world.

Segway has announced new models of its personal transport devices including the new x2 SE PT devices. The SE PT is able to travel inside and outdoors and is designed to pass through a standard door without issue.

The x2 SE PT model can be equipped to navigate off-road terrain such as grass, gravel, and sand. Segway says that the new design is better looking, more comfortable, more portable, and has more usability for the same MSRP as the older models.

SE PT models can be purchased covered in an authentic Mossy Oak break-up camouflage pattern aimed at hunters and outdoors types. New models are also equipped with lights to increase visibility and an improved LeanSteer frame for easy transporting and storage. The new model also has options for use by hunters featuring low-pressure tires and promising traction to take on hills and other terrain. A variety of options is offered to carry hunting equipment or gear for business use.

SOURCE: Segway