SEGA will be taking down some of its mobile games

SEGA announced today that it will be taking down some games from its back catalog that it says no longer meets its standards. The decision is said to have been made after evaluating its game titles, and is necessary for the general upkeep of the gamers experience. The entire announcement was shrouded in an air of secrecy, in that none of the games that are going to be removed have actually been named...meaning we don't yet know what is on the chopping block. What we do know is that they're mobile games, and they'll be stripped from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

In addition to the games being removed from the aforementioned app stores, SEGA will also be pulling mobile titles from the Amazon App Store and the Samsung App Store. The changes will be taking place over "the next few weeks", with SEGA saying it doesn't have anything else to announce at this point.

Further lending to the mystery of it all, SEGA also says that "given the right situation, these titles may return in an updated form." What titles those could be aren't known at this point, since we don't yet know what is staying and what is going.

SEGA does say that those who have bought a game that is being removed will still be able to play it after it has been pulled, and that it'll stay in the purchased apps to allow future downloads if it gets deleted from an existing device (or you get a new gadget). That is, until it is no longer compatible with future devices. If you've been eyeing a certain SEGA title, you might want to grab it now because it mightn't be available in the coming weeks.