Sega unveils Mega Drive Mini console in Japan

Adam Westlake - Apr 14, 2018, 7:30am CDT
Sega unveils Mega Drive Mini console in Japan

Almost everyone knows how popular Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition have been over the last two years, with the miniature, pre-loaded consoles selling out almost as soon as they hit shelves. It seems Sega has finally wised up and decided to get in on the trend, as the Japanese game company has unveiled the “Mega Drive Mini,” a tiny version of its iconic 16-bit console — known as the Genesis in the US.

Sega announced the Mega Drive Mini at a fan event in Japan this weekend, and just like Nintendo’s miniaturized retro consoles the little black device is almost small enough to fit in one’s palm. Sega said the mini console will be released sometime in 2018 — in Japan, at least — to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mega Drive/Genesis.

Sadly, there’s no details on anything beyond the name, including a list of games the device will play, pricing, controllers or other accessories, or how the emulation will be handled. Sega hasn’t even clarified if the Mega Drive Mini will see release outside of Japan.

This marks an interesting return to hardware for Sega, as the company has been out of the console business since 2001, after the disappointing performance of the Dreamcast. It’s hardly a sign that Sega is looking to go up against the modern consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and the fact that the Mega Drive Mini is billed as a special 30th anniversary product means it’s almost guaranteed to produced in limited quantities.


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10 Responses to Sega unveils Mega Drive Mini console in Japan

  1. There’s genesis consoles and atari minis sitting in my local walmart seemimgly untouched. Ive never even seen a nintendo mini..

    • NO, the genesis and atari’s you have seen are ‘licenced’, they are crap and pale in comparrison to the mini nintendo’s.
      and the reason you havmt seen a mini nintendo is because they are great and sell out!

        • Wireless controllers would jack the price up too much. I think ninty will keep them wired (as was the N64) I would expect the N64 mini to have a 2019 release date (if at all) and I would be surprised if it had more than 10-15 games.

        • I don’t think that one is going to happen. Controllers are big bulky and shit. Games would require original work on an emulator, which doesn’t exist. Up to this point, Nintendo has been able to leverage existing emulators that the open source community developed and emulator developers have struggled to get n64 running in emulation. If a 64 mini came out it’d be the first emulator on hardware of that size to run. I don’t see Nintendo making a profit worthy of the work involved. Keep in mind most of the good games for 64 that people care about were 3rd party. Which means more money spent by Nintendo increasing costs, and lost profit.

          And in the end most people that want these either want to resell at a profit or to hack and put unlicensed games on them. Why would Nintendo want to do that when it can re-release games of higher quality remastered on the virtual console? A Gameboy re-release of some type is probably more likely to be made before the project is abandoned.

        • Well i hope something happens. One reviewer found 19 N64 games listed on the UK nintendo site with manuals for download. The game list made sense and he surmised it was possibly for an upcoming N64 classic.

  2. I just use Fusion, an Xbox Windows controller, and the 600+ ROM images I have on a USB3 stick.

    Portable and fun. Played Namco Powerball last night (BBC BBC code works for hidden teams)

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