Sega Toys Yume Neko Smile Robot Cat Gets Vocal Upgrade

Colour me smitten, Sega Toys have updated their awesome Yume Neko Smile robotic cat.  Its name translating as "Dream Cat Smile", I fell hopelessly in love with the animatronic kitty back in 2006, tested the furry white masterpiece in February last year, and now the company has launched a new, talking version at the Tokyo Toy Forum this week.

Check out a video of the new Yume Neko Smile after the cut!

With a newly patterned ginger and white coat – and very smart Yume Neko looks too – the cat can now demand further attention by squealing "pet me softly" and "give me more, give me more" in Japanese.  Apparently it can giggle, too.  As before, there are numerous sensors hidden beneath the fur which let you stroke, pat and scratch Yume Neko until she subsides into uncontrollable purring.

I'm sure you'll agree this is better than any stupid 0.76-inch thick notebook Apple could announce.

Sega Toys [via TOKYOMANGO]