Sega Toys robotic plant makes you feel less alone

Sometimes, sitting in front of the computer all day can feel pretty lonely. If only you had someone to talk to. Well, Sega Toys is trying to remedy that situation with a robotic plant called the Pekoppa.

Yes, you heard me right. A robotic plant. How can a plant be robotic, you must be wondering? Well, it nods at you. So, when you speak toward the plant, it nods back at you as though in agreement. That's it. That's all it does.

When I saw this, I guess I had hopes it would do a little something more than nod. But when the tag line for the product is, "When you need someone who just listens to you," I guess I shouldn't have expected much more. You can get your own robotic plant for about $23.

[via Gizmodo]