Sega Pass Gets Hacked, Accounts Compromised

The myriad of cyber attacks of recent months in the wake of the PlayStation Network breach continue with the latest victim being Sega. The gaming network called Sega Pass, which includes its gaming forums and press resources websites got hacked yesterday, with the company sending out emails this morning to its Sega Pass users to confirm the network breach.

Sega confirmed that the Sega Pass network went offline yesterday due to an attack and that the company has within the last 24 hours identified and isolated the breach. They are still investigating the extent of the breach but thus far know that a subset of Sega Pass members' emails addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords have been compromised.

However, they do stress that the passwords obtained were not stored in plain text. And, they add that no payment information was obtained as they do not store this data on their own servers.

Sega Pass members are advised to change their passwords if they use the same ones for other websites and services. Also, members should be on the lookout for any suspicious emails and should not attempt to login to Sega Pass at this time.

No hacker group has step forward at time of writing to claim responsibility. The recent chain of attacks on prominent websites and game sites have all been credited to hacker group LulzSec. The group mainly attacks to make a statement or for a political cause, but also for "lulz" or entertainment, even opening up a hotline for people to request their next target.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]