Sega Mega Drive gets official Megatron Transformers treatment

Any geek who grew up in the 80's will have fond memories of Transformers toys and the Transformers cartoons that were on Saturdays. Odds are you will have fond memories of video games as well. A new tie up between Sega and Takara Tomy has been announced that will meld video games and Transformers.

The two firms are working together to create a Megatron figure that turns from the robot form into the Sega Mega Drive game console. Typically, Megatron turns into a tank. Before you get too excited, the game console is not functional.

This reminds me of that one Transformer back in the day that turned into a boom box. The Megatron Sega Mega Drive will be a limited edition model. If you are intrigued by this Transformer, there is a bit of bad news.

It will only be offered to purchase in Asia. You will likely need a friend in Asia to ship you one of these. The robot appears to have a USB port on one of its arms. There is no word on if that USB will actually do something when plugged into a computer or pricing.