Sega just made a must-listen playlist on Spotify

If, by chance, you find yourself feeling a little nostalgic on this Thusday morning, you might want to jump over to Spotify. That's because Sega just added a bunch of game soundtracks to its Spotify library, and many gamers will hold a soft spot for some of these classics. The collection of soundtracks being added spans nearly two decades of Sega games, so there's a lot to get through.

While there's currently lot going on over on Sega's Spotify channel, one of the stand out albums is the NiGHTS into Dreams multi-volume soundtrack. Originally released for the Sega Saturn way back in 1996, NiGHTS into Dreams has become a cult classic over the years and apparently offers enough music to span three volumes. Its lesser known sequel, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, is also represented here with a three volume soundtrack of its own.

In fact, many of the soundtracks being added today arrive in multi-volume form. This includes the soundtrack for the Fantasy Zone franchise, which spans both the original Fantasy Zone game and Fantasy Zone II: Tears of the Opa-Opa. The same goes for the Virtua Fighter 5 soundtrack, which could possibly be the most recent soundtrack being added in this batch.

Of course, NiGHTS' status as the most notable addition is challenged by the presence of OutRun's soundtrack. If you're looking for pure chiptune bliss, you'll certainly find it in the three volume soundtrack for OutRun, one of Sega's classic arcade racers. With so much video game music to work though, who needs regular music anymore?

With other games like Golden Axe, Space Harrier, and Sonic the Hedgehog all present and accounted for, Sega has a pretty expansive library of video game music on offer over at Spotify. You can browse the collection now by doing an artist search for "SEGA," which will bring up Sega's entire library of soundtracks in the order they were added. Which classic soundtrack is your favorite of the bunch? Let us know down in the comments section.