Sega Genesis manufacturing begins again in Brazil

The coolest cartridge-based gaming system that I ever played back in the day was the Sega Genesis. In countries other than the US that game system was called the Sega Mega Drive. Unless you live in Brazil you might not know just how popular this retro console is in that country. Word is that the Sega Mega Drive sell about 150,000 units per day in Brazil.

That is on par with how many PS4 game consoles are sold in the country. With the Retro console being so popular it's no surprise that a Brazilian company called Tectoy has announced that it will begin making the Mega Drive again. These new production consoles will be officially licensed and presumably completely compatible with original game cartridges.

Tectoy was reportedly the manufacturer of the console during its prime and well past that prime. There have been multiple versions of the console sold over the years and Tectoy has even launched new games for the console. The new series that will be manufactured now will look and play just like the Mega Drive launched in 1989.

The new console will have 22 games pre-installed in internal memory and will ship with an original style 3-button controller. There are no HDMI outputs for the new console, it will have AV cables only. That means you won't be able to hook the console to a modern TV. That seems very strange at first glance, but apparently the majority of Brazilians aren't using modern TVs anyway. The console will cost about $138. If you were thinking you might want to get your hands on one of these new retro consoles outside Brazil, that lack of HDMI compatibility will probably be a deal breaker.