Sega Game Gear Micro is the oddest retro mini console yet

There doesn't seem to be an end to the nostalgia money grabs known as retro consoles, at least until with run out of old consoles to revive. Almost all of these new-old consoles shrink their hulking originals to a more and almost literally handy size. But what if the original was already small to begin with? What you get is an extra tiny handheld that's going to strain your hands and eyes in the name of reliving the past.

Sega Game Gear Micro is cute and that's pretty much the best thing about it. It's the smallest retro gaming console you'll come across these days, one that won't look out of place on your keyring next to, say, an 8bitDo ZERO. But yes, the console is actually usable, in the sense that it does run games. Whether 80 x 43 mm fingerheld console is actually usable for gaming, we'll have to wait a few months to find out.

Given its size, you shouldn't be surprised that it won't boast of as many games as, say, a NES mini. There are a total of 16 old-school Sega Game Gear titles but one Game Gear Micro can hold only four. Sega's solution? Make four Game Gear Micros you'll need to buy if you ever want the entire collection.

Don't worry, none of the games overlap which is, probably the point. You'll have to collect the Black, Blue, Yellow, and Red units to get your fill of Sonic, Megami Tensei, Shining Force Gaiden, and more. As for playing on a tiny screen, each Game Gear Micro ships with a magnifying glass attachment to match each color.

The Game Gear Micro is Sega's way of celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. But since the Game Gear is also celebrating its 30th anniversary in October, that's also when you'll actually be able to buy one. The tiny consoles launch on October 6 for 4,980 JPY, around $50. International availability or English translations are still unknown.