Sega announces Company of Heroes 2 closed beta

Shane McGlaun - Mar 29, 2013
Sega announces Company of Heroes 2 closed beta

There are a number of military-themed shooters on the market today with some of the big ones being the Battlefield franchise and Call of Duty. A lot of gamers are also big fans of the Company of Heroes franchise and Sega has offered up some new news for the second game in the franchise. Sega will be running an exclusive early access beta phase that will launch on April 2 for Company of Heroes 2.

The closed beta test will offer players the chance to get a sneak peak at the competitive multiple player and skirmish game play. Players in the beta will be able to access six maps featuring 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 competitive game play. The beta will also allow players to play alone or with teammates against the computer AI.

During the beta, players get access to the first 40 levels of progression and will have the ability to customize load outs. Company of Heroes 2 has an all new Army Customizer that allows players complete control over their loadout to suit their style of play. The Company of Heroes 2 closed beta will be hosted via Steam and uses Steamworks.

Sega points out that players will need to download the free Steam client to be able to redeem the closed beta access keys and participate in the beta. If you don’t have keys to participate in the beta, it’s unclear how you get those. Company of Heroes 2 will launch for the PC in June of 2013.

[via Company of Heroes]

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