Sega and NeuroSky looking to steal the user interface spotlight from the Wii

So you think the Wii is cool because you can wave around a controller and that's how you play the games, that's crap compared to what Sega is working on with NeuroSky. They are working on making it possible to play games with your brain, that's right, your thoughts.

It uses some near-medical grade technology to read the signals your brain is giving off and use that to control things. Finally, my dream of becoming Sylar is coming close, luckily for the rest of you I won't have to kill anybody for it.

I have no clue what sort of progress they've made with this technology, but they have apparently had some success if they are leaking their efforts to the press. So, the makers of such great games as Sonic the Hedgehog aren't done yet, they were just taking a break to round up their resources for this new push.

Sega and NeuroSky Create Though Control Games [via Coolest-Gadgets]