See the latest Rogue One trailer and buy movie tickets on Monday

The December 16th release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is quickly approaching, and Disney has one last new trailer for us to feast our eyes on before hitting the theater. Fans looking to remain spoiler-free, or at least go in with as little story info as possible, might want to skip this one, however, as it appears to lay out the movie's entire arc. However, before you turn away, jump down to the last paragraph for info picking up early tickets.

The latest, and final, trailer for Rogue One is an extended version titled "Trust." While it features a good amount of footage seen in previous international trailers, it also includes a few new scenes, and when said and done, it pretty clearly lays out all the major events of the film along with its plot.

For those willing to give it a watch, most of what's new from the trailer consists of footage of new droid K-2SO, along with its witty banter. Aside from that, the trailer does little introduce or hint at new mysteries, and instead does all it can ruin any surprises that might be experienced when viewers hit the theaters.

Other than the trailer, the other big Rogue One news revealed over last week's holiday is that movie tickets will go on sale starting Monday, November 28th (that's tomorrow). The official Star Wars Twitter account revealed the date on Thanksgiving evening, but didn't specify exactly what time, or where, the tickets would be available, however your local theater seems like the safest bet.

SOURCE Star Wars/YouTube, Star Wars/Twitter