See the ISS tonight in the Houston, Texas area with binoculars

NASA has announced that you can see the ISS with a plain old pair of field binoculars tonight in certain parts of Texas. The ISS will be flying through the heavens over Houston, Texas at a distance of 242.8 miles above the surface. If you are in the area, you will be able to see the ISS with the naked eye, and you might even be able to make out details of the ISS with binoculars.

The photo you see here is of the ISS alongside the moon and was taken in the Houston area in the early evening of January 4. I happened to be outside when the ISS passed over and that night with the naked eye, it looked like a bright star and quickly moved across the horizon.

NASA says that the best time to lay eyes on the ISS tonight will start at 6:11pm CST. The ISS will be visible for about 6-minutes as the station travels form 10-degrees above west-northwest to 10 degrees above south-southeast. The maximum elevation will be 44 degrees.