See the Galaxy Note 8 scratched, burnt, bent in an array of entertaining tests

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was subject this week to the inexplicably popular master of smartphone destruction JerryRigEverything. This $1000 phone is scratched with an array of gradually-harder tools made for scratching. The Galaxy Note 8 is burned with a lighter. This phone is bent back and forth with excessive force. All in the name of entertainment.

At this point it should be clear that I personally consider the tests JerryRigEverything runs to be entertainment in a fairly strict sense. His tests are somewhere between everyday use and scientific. These tests are right in the place where it's fun to watch, but the end product is somewhat compromised.

Every once in a while there's a super interesting tidbit found by wracking and wrenching on a smartphone – like a device that cracks at the slightest turn. Or a phone that's discovered to engulf itself in flame when the heat test is run. But the Galaxy Note 8 isn't one of these phones. This device seems to withstand Jerry's obstacle course pretty well.

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This ripping and destroy session comes not long after reviews of this device were run by several tech news outlets. Have a peek at our full Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review to see how this device functions in the real world. And stay tuned for our "6 months later" review to see how much damage actually happens upon this device with everyday standard human use.

Scratches and the possibility of a crack due to a drop might be in order. If we've gotten completely careless, maybe we'll see how the device reacts to being accidentally dropped into a campfire? That'll be the real test, boy howdy.

And for those of you starving to see more Galaxy Note 8-related video, there's the video I've added below. This is a brief pig-filled video featuring the Galaxy Note 8's UHD video camera ability in full effect. That's full 4K resolution – just as long as you've tapped in the corner to ramp it up as such.