See Overwatch's new skins before the 2017 Halloween event begins

Overwatch players are abuzz this week as Blizzard began teasing this year's Halloween Terror seasonal event, revealing it begins on Tuesday, October 10th. The announcement was made on Twitter, including with a quick shot of two new character skins (seen above) to get fans excited, but while Blizzard usually waits until the event begins to reveal all the new items, several other skins have leaked a bit early. For those of you waiting to be surprised on Tuesday, this is your warning that spoilers will follow!

Blizzard's own tease gave us a look at new Halloween themed skins for McCree and Reaper, but it appears a set of sponsored Facebook ads made their way online before intended, revealing new looks for the characters Zenyatta, Symmetra, and Mei. The Overwatch Reddit community then managed to collect the images before they were taken down.

Everyone's favorite support Omnic, Zenyatta, gets a Lovecraftian makeover with his new Cthulhu-style skin. Symmetra, meanwhile, is covered in scales and has glowing eyes, giving her a demon-like appearance; but since this is a Blizzard game, it also looks a bit inspired by StarCraft's Zerg. Lastly is Mei, who dons the look of a jiangshi, or a kind of hopping vampire from Chinese folklore.

The Halloween Terror event will add plenty of other themed items to the game's loot boxes, including sprays, voice lines, and emotes, but it's the skins like these that players look forward to the most. Hopefully there will be one or two more that haven't been leaked, but even just these five are incredible enough for players to chase after.