Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 event begins next week

Now that we're into October, we're closing in on another big holiday, which means it's time for Overwatch's next seasonal event. Blizzard has revealed that it will bring back 2016's Halloween Terror event for another go this year. It begins next week, but aside from Blizzard confirming a couple of new skins, what Halloween Terror 2017 will offer is still unknown.

Still, we need only look to this year's Summer Games event to get an idea of what to expect. By and large, Summer Games 2017 was the same as the Summer Games we saw last year, only with a few differences. For instance, the special game mode, Lucioball, returned with some tweaks, and even though the old skins and cosmetic items introduced in 2016 returned this year, they were joined by a slew of new cosmetics for players to unlock.

We can probably expect something similar for Halloween Terror 2017. When this event first launched last year, Blizzard implemented a new cooperative brawl called Junkenstein's Revenge. This brawl was a big hit with players, so don't be surprised to see it return this year. Though it may offer a few new features, Blizzard probably won't want to mess with its successful formula too much.

In Blizzard's announcement on Twitter, it shares a brief seven-second video clip. Though seven seconds isn't much time, we get to see two new Halloween-themed skins – one for McCree and another for Reaper. These are likely just the tip of the iceberg, and we'll certainly see more cosmetics once the event is live next week.

Overwatch's Halloween Terror 2017 will kick off on October 10, which is just under a week from today. We don't have a solid end date yet, but like all previous Overwatch events, we can probably expect this last three weeks, putting the end date on Halloween. We'll have more information for you soon, so stay tuned.