See Adam Savage's Fifth Element ZF-1 prop, 17 years in the making

Over the past 17 years, former MythBusters master Adam Savage has been recreating a single prop. That prop comes from the classic sci-fi action film The Fifth Element – a weapon called ZF-1. This piece of equipment saw inspiration in the greatest on-screen weapon of all time, as presented by Gary Oldman's most vibrant villain: Jean-Baptist Emanuel Zorg, AKA "the so-called Art Collector," in the 1998 film.

The pod weapon also known as the Zorg ZF-1 is light, with a handle that's adjustable for easy carrying, good for righters and lefters. It's ideal for quick, discreet interventions. In its on-screen iteration it comes with a titanium recharger as well as a 3,000 round clip. For shooting things that've already met their target, it has a "replay button".

Inside this system is a rocket launcher, arrow launcher, Zorg's famous net launcher, flamethrower. And to top things off, the all new "Ice Cube System." I still feel comfortable saying it's all new because the events in The Fifth Element haven't actually taken place as yet. This all happens in the year 2263, if you want to be exact about it.

As such, Savage has completed this project well ahead of time. By the time Zorg is born and actually needs the gun to complete his destiny and bring about the end of existence, it'll shoot real bullets, too! For now it's a prop, and isn't quite so deadly. This weapon is ready to take to the next big comic convention for the perfect Korben Dallas or Leeloo (Dallas... Multipass).

This epic recreation of the prop from the film very likely feels more like a real piece of equipment than its on-screen predecessor. While the on-screen piece of equipment is the real deal, only a cosplay-master like Savage would take the time to create something so accurate and realistic. In this creation weight, size, and end-user feel become considered in a way that the original movie might not.

Savage now works with Tested where he makes loads of awesome oddities like what you see above.