See 18 new 1-2-Switch game trailers from Nintendo (with demos)

The Nintendo Switch is just around the corner, and 1-2-Switch will be arriving alongside it. Being a collection of mini-games meant to demonstrate the functionality of the Switch's Joy Con controllers, 1-2-Switch certainly ins't your traditional launch title. In fact, it pits players against one another and specifically tells them not to look at the screen, instead relaying everything players need to know through the Joy Con's haptic feedback functionality.

It's a weird title, to be sure, and today Nintendo is showing off 18 of 1-2-Switch's 28 games in a new series of trailers. The videos were originally published on Nintendo's Japanese site and then collected by Reddit users over on the Nintendo subreddit. We've collected them in a YouTube playlist posted below, making it easy to watch all 18 videos in succession.

There doesn't seem to be anything Earth-shatteringly awesome, but there are definitely plenty of quirky games to participate in. One game, simply dubbed Soda, has players shaking an imaginary bottle of soda and then passing it to other players, who repeat the shaking action. The bottle eventually explodes in one player's hands, much like a game of hot potato.

Another game, Sword Fight, pits players against one another in an imaginary duel. You can block by holding one of the shoulder buttons or attack by releasing the shoulder button and taking a few swings. The first one to get a hit in wins, it seems, stressing the bite-sized experiences these games aim to offer.

At the end of it all, these trailers kind of reaffirm the notion that 1-2-Switch would be the perfect pack-in game for Nintendo's new console. Instead, Nintendo is offering it separately at a $50 price point, which might make it a hard sell for a lot of gamers. Have a look at the trailers yourself and then head down to the comments section to let us know if you'll be picking up this game alongside your Switch!