Secusmart encryption microSD: security costs $2,700 [Video]

We're used to high-capacity memory cards costing a lot, but €2,000 ($2,709) for a microSD? Secusmart's card doesn't just offer 4GB of storage, however; it's also a hardware encryption system for mobile devices, making sure your calls, SMS, email, contacts and calendar are all locked down. Voice calls are protected using 128-bit AES, and all the encryption/decryption is done in the memory card itself so that anything going through the cellular connection is already locked down.Video after the cut

There are a few issues aside from the price, of course, not least handset compatibility: so far, it seems, only certain Nokia phones are supported, so if you were hoping to slot the Secusmart into an Android device then you'll be disappointed. Everybody using the system will need a card too, so cost will add up, but then again these aren't really intended for everyday users. Happily, Secusmart are working on delivering cheaper versions.

[via ARMDevices]