Secret Skateboard - For Office Women Under the Table

This right here is a skateboard with style, for the woman skater with an desk job, just waiting to get back on the streets to do some sick 50-50 grinds, but currently filing papers and being a boss in the office. This is a board created by designer Carissa Carter and created as a treat for the owner. Made to be stroked, not ridden.

This board is made of molded plywood and has foam and leather upholstered to the top. Although it's made for the office, I imagine the goofiest of ladies and men would have an alright time skating barefoot with this pillow of boards. Don't fall off though, I've done such a dare and it doth hurt quite mightily. I've also skated around campus way back in my college years, and having a board under my feet during class can be surprisingly soothing – supposing the wheels are properly greased.

Would you like your own "Secret" board by designer Carissa Carter? Too bad! This is an art project, and not made for mass consumption -unless of course you and enough other people contact her to make you one. All art projects are open to multiplication under the right kind of well-meaning duress.

[Via SnowFlyZone]