Second Life suffers erectile dysfunction

It's a tough life being a real-estate agent.  The exhausting driving round from location to location, never mind the toll it takes on your moral compass; all that "oh no, it's not mold, it's just over-painted skirting board" wearing away your humanity.  But I'm guessing that few have ever been bombarded by huge flying penises.  Spare a thought, then, for Second Life millionaire and property tycoon Anshe Chung, who has found that fame brings with it not only glorious riches but also gets you targeted by phallus-obsessed malcontents.

In a live interview with CNET Chung, who claims to own virtual assets worth $1m, was suddenly interrupted by a stream of what can only be described as "large pink gentleman's protuberances."  It was the work of so-called "griefers", who demonstrate their disapproval via self-replicating code that bogs down servers and causes embarrassment.  Having moved the interview to another lecture theatre, that too was attacked – this time with a photo of a woman holding what can only be described as "a swollen underpants prong" – eventually crashing the Second Life server.

When the talk finally resumed, lasting for three hours, Chung refused to comment on the attack.  There's a video available here, as well as CNET's transcript of the interview here.

Sydney Morning Herald [via BoingBoing]