Seattle bar bans use of Google Glasses

A Seattle dive bar has decided to ban the use of Google Glasses at its location. The bar, called 5 Point Cafe, says that the use of Google Glass in its bar would be a violation of its customers' privacy. Dave Meinert, the owner of 5 Point Cafe, stated that "People want to go there and be not known... and definitely don't want to be secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the internet."Google Glass does raise the issue of privacy, especially since anyone using the tech gadget could easily and secretly record video. Meinert says that the 5 Point cafe could be a kind of "seedy" and "notorious" place, but that isn't too uncommon for a place like a dive bar. With the 5 Point Cafe being the first business (in Seattle) to ban Google Glasses, this may drive many other businesses to initiate a ban on the gadget as well.

Meinert admits that the ban was partly just a joke and was meant to instigate a reaction from people, but most of it is due to privacy. Meinert also recently updated the 5 Point Cafe's Facebook page to say, "They[Google Glasses] are really just the new fashion accessory for the fanny pack & never removed Bluetooth headset wearing set."

Privacy is always a concern, and there will most likely be more bans of Google Glass by certain businesses. Some businesses that come to mind include movie theaters, bars, and clubs. It will be interesting to see what kind of regulations will be put into place when Google Glass comes out, but at the same time, how many people will actually be willing to spend $1500 on a pair of tech glasses? How do you feel about Google Glass and privacy?

[via MyNorthwest]