Seamless makes moving your music...seamless

Say you were listening to music on your iPhone in the car, or when out for a run. You get home, and want to start the song up on your Mac. You may think you would have to start the song over, yes? Or spend time ffing to the place you left off? No. All you need to do is get a new app, called Seamless. Seamless works both ways, letting you easily move back and forth between iTunes on your phone or your Mac without missing a beat.

The new app is from Five Details, who also makes an "elegant and intuitive" file transfer system. Seamless requires a companion app which is free in the Mac App Store. So all you do is launch the app, tap a button, and the exchange of music "seamlessly" happens. This is all there is to the app, no playback controls, since those can be accessed from the iPod app.

Here is the video demoing the app, with Adam Lisagor.

Seamless is only a buck at the App Store, and needs iOS 4.2 or higher.

[via MacWorld]