SeaLife ECOshot Is Useable Anywhere

This new digi cam from SeaLife isn't just for underwater use, it will work on land as well and is good for up to a six foot drop. It has a 6MP CMOS sensor and rubberized grips which helps all the way around.

The rubber helps to both keep water out, and keep your hands on the device, underwater, on land, it serves as shock protection mostly. To keep things going along easily, you can use simple AA batteries instead of relying on some rechargeable battery.

It will work down to 75 feet underwater and it has a spy mode that will allow you to set an interval at which it will automatically take pictures anywhere from 5 seconds to five minutes. The only downside is the meager 14MB of integrated memory and most importantly the 1GB size limitation for the SD card it will take, however, if you still want one, it will only cost you $230, which is a lot for such a weak spec'd camera, but not for one that will go underwater.

SeaLife ships ruggedized ECOshot camera [via electronista]