Sealed Copy Of Chrono Trigger Fetches Over A Grand

Chrono Trigger was definitely one of the best RPGs for the SNES. I'll still have to rank A Link to the Past up at number one in my book though. I will admit that I never had the pleasure of playing this game back when it was first released. I picked it up after it was ported to the PlayStation. Even after I'd played such games as Final Fantasy VII, it was still fun to play this older SNES-era game. For those die-hard collectors out there, how much would you pay for an original unopened copy of the game?

Recently, a pristine factory-sealed copy of the game for the SNES went for a whopping $1,217 on eBay. I must commend the seller for resisting the temptation of actually opening the game and playing it. I'm curious what would have possessed someone at that time to buy a game and set it on the shelf for 13 years. Maybe he played it and knew how big it was going to be and purchased a second copy.

I would venture to guess that this is one of only a few factory-sealed copies of the game that are still around. Good luck on trying to find one for yourself.

[via GameSniped]