Seagate Unveils New Mobile Drives Momentus 5400.4

The 4th generation mobile disc from Seagate uses 120GB per platter design to arrange the new Momentus series with capacity of 120GB, 160Gb, 200Gb and 250GB. All of them feature a much slower 5400RPM speed, 8MB of cache with low power consumption, Seagate's SoftSonic fluid-dynamic bearing motors and QuietStep ramp load technology to reduce noise.

It doesn't strike us as much as Hitachi 500GB travelstar did in capacity but the market still has it large share of 5400RPM drives. The Momentus also features 2nd generation perpendicular magnetic recording with SATA II Interface with operating and non-operating shock specs of 325G and 900Gs makes it ideal for mobile systems that are subjected to rough environment. It's available to ship worldwide now.

[via seagate]