Seagate unveils new GoFlex Desk Drive 4TB external HDD

Seagate has rolled out a new and very high capacity external HDD called the 4TB GoFlex Desk Drive. This drive claims to be the highest capacity HDD in the industry. The big 4TB HDD has a new black industrial design that will be rolled out to the entire line of GoFlex drives in the coming weeks. A Mac version of the drive will be offered via Apple Stores in the coming weeks as well. The MSRP for the 4TB GoFlex is $249.99.

Connectivity for the drive includes a USB 3.0 adapter and Firewire. The drive comes loaded with software for automatic, continuous backups with encryption for all the files. The drive also has an illuminated display that shows how much space is left on the GoFlex at a glance. The new GoFlex has the same modular interface design as the line has always had and new interfaces will be coming for things like Thunderbolt and others.

The GoFlex can also be used with a home interface to make the drive a network drive. Inside the case of the external HDD hides 3.5-inch standard HDDs. The drive is made to be used on either Mac or Windows machines. 4TB of storage is enough space for 2,000 HD movies and gobs of music or photos.