Seagate SSD in 2008

Seagate will finally be entering the Solid State Disk, or SSD, market come 2008. They even have intentions of integrating the technology across their whole line of products.

That includes both desktop and laptop drives. For those that don't know, SSD's benefits are high, including lowered power use, faster data transfer, and more rigidity compared to their moving part counterparts.

However their downside is a hell of a downside, the cost for a gigabyte of desktop sized hard drive storage is about $.50 or less, the cost for a gigabyte of SSD storage, last I checked was about $60 per gigabyte, only decreasing when you buy very large drives. So, hopefully Seagate has waited to enter the market until they came up with a cheaper solution, otherwise their sales will be limited to those with a few hundred dollars to spend on a small drive.

Seagate to Offer Solid State Drives in 2008 [via Slashdot]