Seagate shuts the door on 5400 rpm desktop drives, goes 7200 rpm only

Seagate has been producing hard drives for data storage in computer systems for a long time now. It has made both 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm HDDs for much of that time. The benefit of the 5400 rpm drive was lower power consumption while the 7200 rpm HDD had faster performance. Seagate has now changed its HDD line for desktops significantly.

Seagate has axed all 5400 rpm HDDs and is now going with nothing but 7200 rpm desktop offerings. Seagate points to reduced power consumption in the 7200 rpm drive market allowing it to leave the 5400 rpm units behind. I wonder if the flooding and HDD shortage we are facing had something to do with this too. The 7200 rpm HDD is the more popular choice so loosing the 7200 would free up more space for the popular choice.

New read/write tech that allows more data to be stored on a single platter is where the power savings comes from. The 5400 rpm drives will apparently still be offered in the mobile category. The new Seagate OptiCache tech also helps to improve performance in Seagate HDDs with a 45% boost in performance compared to older tech.

[via Computerworld]