Seagate Savvio 15K.2 HDD is super fast and super green

Seagate has just added another drive to their Savvio enterprise HDD line and this time around, it's faster, greener and smaller. In fact, the Savvio 15K.2 HDD uses less power and has a 115% performance boost when compared to 3.5-inch drives.

One of the great features of this drive is that is has a self-encrypting drive option. This relies on Advanced Encryption Standard that the government uses to make sure your data is secure while in use and once the drive is put out to pasture. This Savvio model is meant for both server and storage at the consumer and high-end levels.

Server capacities of 146GB and 73GB are offered that feature a SAS 2.0 interface with a 6GB/s speed. It is great for RAID configurations. You can expect the Seagate Savvio 15K.2 HDD to ship starting in December.