Seagate issued fix for failed drives, offers free data recovery

Seagate's largest 1.5TB bare drives have had it share of random freeze and raid array dropping problems in the past. Solution was provided with firmware issued to resolve the problematic drives, according to the tech Report last week. That was not the end of an epic that've been plaguing globally. Recent report are much critical. Drives manufactured from December 2008, which includes few members of the 7200.11, ES.2 SATA and Diamond Max 22 series storage are having a much serious data lock-up glitch. Affected disk drive becomes inaccessible to user when the host system is powered. A lengthy 30 plus pages of the much-heated topic is being discussed at company's community forum here. The manufacture has today responded to the issue, a potential firmware related bugs were isolated, offering free firmware updates and data recovery services to calm the angry mob.

According to Seagate, firmware glitch does not cause data loss. If it does, a free recovery service will be provided at no extra cost. But they will not reimburse if services were obtained from a 3rd party data recovery services.

Seagate is also providing supports via email and online tools to determine affected drives. If you have one of the products mentioned above, it's time to check it here.

[via theregister]