Seagate and DensBits announce development partnership for SSDs

Seagate has announced that it has partnered with DensBits for the development of SSDs for consumer and enterprise markets. The goal of the two companies is to develop low-cost and high-performance solid-state drives for consumer and enterprise markets and Seagate has made an equity investment in DensBits. Exactly, how much Seagate invested in DensBits is unknown.

The two companies will be developing future products with the goal of providing customers with cost savings, high reliability, and high-performance. The agreement will see the DensBits Memory Modem controller technology integrated into various Seagate storage products. Some applications will use three bit per cell TLC 1Xnm flash-based consumer-great SSD technology.

Other applications will make use of to bit per cell MLC 1Xnm flash-based enterprise-grade SSDs. There's no clear indication of exactly when SSD's using the technology from this partnership will come to market. There's also no indication of what sort of price range the two companies will target with the storage products.