Sea of Thieves will soon be sailing onto Steam

For several years now, Microsoft has been making an effort to bring its first-party Xbox games to PC as well. More recently, we've seen the company launching its games on Steam, with titles like Age of Empires II Definitive Edition and Halo: The Master Chief Collection both available through Valve's storefront. Microsoft revealed today that it won't be long before those titles are joined by Sea of Thieves.Sea of Thieves is a game that's been available on PC since day one, but only through the Microsoft Store (and, by extension, Xbox Game Pass for PC). By bringing the game to Steam, Microsoft potentially gains a much larger audience, as there's a portion of PC players who only want to buy games from Steam.

Beyond those players, Steam is easily the biggest PC gaming platform out there, so it definitely can't hurt Microsoft to put its game up on it. Sea of Thieves doesn't have a solid Steam release date yet, but a listing for the game is already live. You can add the title to your wishlist if you like, but for the moment, you can't pre-purchase it.

In today's announcement, Microsoft reveals that game will run $39.99 – the same amount that it costs on the Microsoft Store. The Steam version will also support cross-play, so those on Steam will be able to party up and play with those on the Xbox One version or the Microsoft Store PC version.

It'll be interesting to see how Sea of Theives performs once it lands on Steam. After all, we imagine that most who wanted to play it have already done so through something like Xbox Game Pass for PC, which could result in low sales for the Steam version. In any case, we'll let you know when Microsoft announces a release date for the Steam version of Sea of Thieves, so stay tuned for that.